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These files include:
Updated Club and Competitions Logos for the 2015/16 Season in Standard Logo Style. Available in 1080, HD, WVGA and SD Sizes.
The alt logos are optional and for you to replace in the club folder.
How to install:
Download both the megapack and any updates before installing this! Remember to install megapack first then overwrite the files with the updates in their number order!
Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HVGA).
Select your file - HD (Retina/HDTV in credits) are mostly phones, WVGA are mini tablets and SD are lower screen spec phones (SD/HVGA), while 1080 are new for update 6.1 and show 1080 in credits (iPhone 6+, tablets, phablets).
For iOS -
Extract your file using 7Zip or a Mac equivalent.
On iTunes in the top left next to the music, TV, etc... symbols click your device's icon (the little iPhone/iPad) - This is on the latest iTunes version, it may differ on previous.
Navigate to app > file sharing > FMH 2015 and drag and drop all club/comp logos in there (press CTRL/CMD + A to select all in the folder). Please don't drag the folders.
For Android -
Extract your file using:
7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent..
ES FIle Explorer App
Use AirDroid or a USB and drag them into FMH2015_data then logos (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for HD). Then place all the folders apart from alt into the directory to overwrite.
*Note* There are a lot of files, it can take a while to start and then to transfer, please give them time (especially on iTunes).
Football Manager Handheld 2015 is coming to an end which also means that some of the signature players are getting moved on. While some may be cheaper, most will be more expensive due to moving to a bigger club. Unfortunately this is what I am basing my article on today and while you may be sad that these players will be harder to acquire in future, you should be happy that you can still get them on FMH15 while you have the chance.
Aleksander Mitrovic
The big Serbian had to be on the list. While Anderlecht are a decent club in itself known for producing youth talent the standard of Belgian football is a lot lower than English meaning he wasn't at a premium to snatch up, despite his goalscoring exploits. Sadly now he has transferred to Newcastle and is expected to be one of their main players you can expect his stock to raise quite significantly. Many would argue his attributes and ability in the game are already too good value so this could be a balancing out act but what we all know is that we love Mitrovic leading our line and he won't be as easy to get anymore.

Danilo was our go-to right back for the whole season. If you had enough cash then Porto let me go at a modest price. He'd develop into one of the best players in the game. Incomparable to the more expensive right backs due to their high fee, he'd fit into any team easily and not just provide a stop gap but fill a position for his entire career. A true right back legend that in my opinion is one of the best to ever grace the game but now at Real Madrid he will be very hard to prize him away from Spain.

Kevin Trapp
While Trapp isn't the first name you think of when you say German goalkeeper he is an incredibly consistent goalkeeper with a low price point over Ter Stegen and Leno. For any team he is a world-class goalkeeper. Consistent in his abilities and at an age where he can keep growing he has more experience over his compatriots meaning in big games he could be a saviour for the team. His move to Paris Saint-Germain has meant while he may not be first choice at first the raise in price in FMH terms is a sad one and will probably point him nearer to better goalkeepers.

Memphis Depay 
High Potential. Low Price. Perfect Wonderkid. Well...he was. Then Manchester United took him and won't let him go without a fight. While Depay will surely be worth every penny of his inflated price it makes it more difficult to justify the fee, even more so when multiple signings need to be made in a window. This will lead to him being signed less in Football Manager Handheld like many great wingers before him. A sad state of affairs from an ever so reliable, first season buy.

Nathaniel Clyne
English players are often overpriced. Nathaniel Clyne was an exception though. Good attacking abilities but even better defensive abilities for a right back made him a special snowflake in the market. It is such a shame that Liverpool have bought the Englishman, for an English team he filled every single checkbox you could think of, but now he's not going to be cheap or easy to get a hold of.

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As Football Manager Handheld approaches its tenth version there have been some superb talents within the game. From Freddy Adu to Neymar there have been some flops like the former to success stories like the latter. Today I will run down my ultimate XI from all 9 versions of the game.

GK: Igor Akinfeev  - FMH2008
The CSKA Moscow goalkeeper was a solid choice for many, many years but 2008 is when he really shone for me. Available for under £10m with an ability to rival the best. He had many years left in him from the start of the game and summed up value for money.
DL: Joe Mattock - FMH2008
Younger Football Manager Handheld fans may not know of this player but back in 2008 he was the go-to left back. Young, English and talented his potential was sky high and apart from Gareth Bale whom was a lot more pricey there were no competitions for left back wonderkids in the game.
DC: Doria - FMH2013
Brazilian defender Doria was a sure fire way of gaining defensive security for years to come in Football Manager Handheld 2013 while not blowing half of your transfer budget to do so. He'd always be one of the first names on my shortlist to sign when starting a new save. Affordable and brilliant.
DC: Eder Alvarez Balanta- FMH2014
Eder Alvarez Balanta is just a beast! When you ever needed a player to call upon then the young defender would be there. Good in the air as well as with his feet he was the ultimate force to stop the opposition and create them a few problems too.
DR: Sergio Ramos - FMH2009
The only player whom I have ever got to have ALL green attributes. This alone is worthy to make the list but others reported back in 2009 that they did the same with Ramos. This growth meant that Sergio Ramos was a fan favourite for the year and would never be forgotten for his exploits on the game.
ML: Henri Saivet - FMH2009
Frenchman Henri Saivet became one of the poster boys for attacking talent back in 2009 when he tore up every league going on a regular basis. Quick, creative and with a good touch if you had Saivet you knew that you would cause the opposition trouble.
MC: Ganso - FMH2011
For one year I became obsessed with a young Brazilian named Ganso. Starting off at Santos he was great value and would be the central hub of any team that he played for. I preferred the AMC to his more successful counterpart Neymar and signed him in every single career.
MC: Freddy Adu - FMH2006
Probably one of the most iconic names in the Football Manager Handheld series. Freddy Adu was only 15 when he entered the game but had the potential to make him a superstar. There wasn't much labour needed to aid in the growth of this American wonderkid but what you got back was a whole lot of love and in my eyes the series' best ever player.
MR: Julian Draxler - FMH2013
Back when he was starting out Julian Draxler could be picked up on the cheap often from Schalke's reserve team.An unrivalled technical ability meant he was a much loved player in FMH2013 and a few other versions too. For his price you knew you couldn't go wrong with the player when similar were breaking banks, but it was his ability that made him stand out and has stood the test of time in my mind.
SC: Bojan - FMH2008
When you think of wonderkids in the games Bojan's name is one that immediately springs to mind. This says more than is needed about one of the deadliest strikers to ever grace our game. A natural born goalscorer and a legend of the series.
SC: Alexandre Pato - FMH2007
Tipped to be one of the best player's in the world his career hasn't finished up that way in real life. Yet in Football Manager Handheld 2007 Alexandre Pato rose to super stardom and took your team with him. A man for the biggest of occasions he'd win you leagues on his own. Scoring was his trade but an ability to assist too meant he was always amongst the goals no matter what.
Notable Mentions
Marc-Andre Ter Stegen (2013), Fabio (2009), Kurt Zouma (2012), Neymar (2009), Lulinha (2008), Luciano Vietto (2015)
 Where Does James Milner Fit In?
Liverpool FC pulled off a massive coup this summer by bringing in James Milner on a free. The England international is experienced, able to play in a number of position and has the knowledge of how to win things at the top level which are all key attributes you'd want from an "ageing player," and that's not even mentioning his impressive work rate. 
The problem is where does he fit in? Within the LFC squad they have a very similar and younger player in club captain Jordan Henderson. On paper the work rate of the two combined is somewhat scary as they'll both run themselves into the ground which is shown by their stamina stat (Milner 18 and Henderson 19). However that midfield pairing lacks an awful lot as it's not very disciplined or creative and lacks pace (12 for Milner and 14 for Henderson). This has led to people originally thinking Milner would be used out on the right in a 4231 formation where he could abuse his 15 crossing stat. 
However recent developments have revealed that Milner hasn't come in as a back up of sorts to Henderson as he's on a massive wage and has been promised he'll be used centrally. As I've touched upon the pairing of Milner and Henderson doesn't really catch the eye and with Henderson being named as captain he is "un-dropable". You'd like to think Henderson won't be sacrificed and pushed out wide to accommodate Milner's signing so where does he fit in? 
One solution I've heard mentioned is could Milner be our new shielding midfielder? Rodgers, like Wenger seems determined to ignore the dying need of a holding midfielder of quality and in recent years Rodgers turned Gerrard from a dynamic midfielder to a deep sitting one in the Alonso mould. Could this be the plan for Milner? Let's have a look. 
The shielding midfielder in my opinion is one of the most important roles on the pitch and it's no surprise that the dominant sides within Europe have some of the best available (Chelsea - Matic, Barcelona - Busquets - BWM) but the roles can be played in different ways. Some players in this role love a tackle and look to destroy play while others aim to win the ball back and get attacks going from deep with long/direct balls (Pirlo/Gerrard - DLM)
Due to Milner's age he's not going to suddenly become a monstrous cruncher in midfield like Mascherano and this is shown by Milner's average defensive stats (12 tackling and 10 positioning). This means you'd be looking for him to be more of a creator from deep (DLM) who works hard and has help from the midfielders in front of him who'd likely be Henderson and Coutinho or Can. 
In game Milner can't currently play the defensive midfield position but this is something Rodgers and his team have already shown they can achieve with former captain Steven Gerrard being the example, it's also not unheard of for a naturally wide player to be moved infield like Lahm and Bastian at Bayern Munich. With the positions Milner has played throughout his career and the ones he can play in game already it's clear to see he's an adaptable player who can adjust his game to suit the role he's being asked to play and I have little doubt in my mind that he could learn to play the role. 
However with his day one stat spread on FMH he doesn't look like a player you'd naturally find infield and especially not in a defensive minded position. The core defensive stats needed for this position aren't on Milner's profile as he lacks the positioning and tackling ability to win the ball back but could his high stamina and teamwork stat make up for this? Milner has 18 in both which is fantastic and we all know he's a player who will run for days but could this energy make up for his average positioning? He's also lacking the pace (12) to catch players or to recover from mistakes but that can be covered by the midfielders/defenders which is why Pirlo has always been a success, when does he ever sprint? He doesn't need to! To compare Milner to Gerrard the stats are somewhat similar as you'll now see
Milner Vs Gerrard
Gerrard - 13
Milner - 10
Gerrard - 15
Milner - 12
Gerrard - 14
Milner - 18 
Gerrard - 11
Milner - 12
Gerrard - 10
Milner - 18
The two compare well and it wouldn't take much work to get Milner to the level Gerrard was at. Remember these stats are based on the 2013/14 season in which Gerrard was class! 
Defensively Milner doesn't scream class to you but he could certainly be trained to play the position, however where this idea starts to shine is when you look at the attacking attributes Milner would add from deep.  When the ball is at Milner's feet his best two stats are his passing (16) and crossing (15) which both can be used from deep to stretch play via diagonals or through balls looking for our fast players who run off the defenders (Sturridge/Ibe), or our tricky players looking to create even better openings (Coutinho/Firmino). The issue here could be it takes tremendous technique to pull off such passes, especially the media dumbed "Hollywood balls." It's something I'm sure he could work on but if it doesn't come naturally he might not be as effective at it as a Gerrard or an Alonso are. 
Milner can also create things himself as his creativity stat of 13 isn't bad but his role in this system would normally be to pick out a forward running player or recycle possession. The England international can also read the game well as his decision making (17) and movement (15) should ensure he's always free for a pass but most importantly that he's able to pick out the right ball to get us moving forward. With the trickery and pace in Liverpool's attack all it takes is one good ball into Coutinho and the way to goal is open.
Milner Vs Gerrard
Gerrard - 17
Milner - 16
Gerrard - 14
Milner - 15
Gerrard - 15
Milner - 12
Gerrard - 16
Milner - 13
Gerrard - 17
Milner - 17
Gerrard - 15
Milner - 15
Another tight run contest where Milner isn't too far behind but it's clear to see Milner could adapt into the "Gerrard role" with some effort. 
In FMH terms I feel Milner could work as a deep lying midfielder but a lot would depend on how he develops under intensive training, my main worry is FMH is all about the key stats and the roll of the dice and Milner's defensive stats just aren't up to par. In real life I think it could be a decent option but he'll need the legs of Can and Henderson around him for it to be effective. However in game and in real life it's not an option I'm overly keen on and I'd much rather a top quality defensive midfielder protecting the back line. Gerrard did the role superbly during his first season in the role but the second everyone worked it out we were easy to shut down, if you stopped Gerrard, you stopped Liverpool. Liverpool have got close to the title twice in recent years and both sides had a solid defensive midfielder within the side (Mascherano 2009 and Gerrard 2014) who was excellent in their role for the team. In my opinion we shouldn't be looking to adapt a player into that role as we should be buying a player naturally suited to play there. Can is another option who in my opinion is more likely to play there and he's apparently been told he will be, however it looks like Lucas will leave as well as maybe Allen and Can can't play every game. I also feel you lose some of Can's game when you restrict him deep, everyone seems to think he'll be a defensive wall due to his physic but I'm not completely convinced, personally I'd rather see him in the MC/BBM role but at the same time I like Coutinho in that area as I feel he's better coming from deep.  
That's just my opinion though and I'd love to hear yours, how would you use James Milner? What role would you play him as in game? Would it be central? Also sorry for the lack of images, tried for two days to upload a single one with no luck! 
As always I love hearing your views and opinions so make sure you leave a comment.
This is an update of FMH 15 made by hubi_madridista. It has about 1650 new people (footballers and coaches). 
New to Version 2.0:
About 200 new players and possibility to manage national teams like Albania, Hungary, Bosnia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Greece etc. 

Downloading by Torrent:
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If you run the Torrents make sure you have a Torrent extractor like uTorrent, also available on Android too (if that doesn't work try aTorrent).
To Install on Android:
Make sure to back up your filesExtract the file using 7Zip, Winrar or ES File Explorer (app).Navigate to the England folderPlace in your FMH2015 directory - FMH2015_Data > Data > DatabaseReplace/OverwriteLoad up FMH2015Go to preferences > starting configurationDisable Large DatabaseStart a new career with England as the primary league and have another league loaded at least.To Install on iOS:
Make sure to back up your files, note you have to do this on a PC/Mac/Linux machineExtract the file using 7zip or WinrarNavigate to the save file (.dat)Install and open the Save EditorChange your manager name and clubOpen iTunesOn the top left should be the device icon (make sure your device is plugged in - it is next to music, etc...)Select the device then click apps and scroll to the sharing area.Select FMH2015Drag the save in hereReplace/OverwriteLoad up FMH2015Open up Save With thanks to JayMarvels for his Pre Game Editor
Football Families in FMH
I read article about football families and came up with this
The Hazards
At the moment maybe most famous football family.Brothers Eden and Thorgan Hazard are thriving at Chelsea FC and VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach respectively, with two younger siblings – Kylian and Ethan – hoping to follow them into the family business. Their father Thierry was a semi-professional defensive midfielder with RAA Louviéroise in the 1990s, but mother Carine – a sports teacher and attacking midfielder – may have been the bigger influence on her sons.

-  Eden is amazing Inside forward. One of the best.

- Very good inside forward as well but still can't match his brother Eden. Much cheaper and good player to buy.
The Busquetses
Goalkeeper Carles Busquets was on the bench as Barcelona lifted the 1991/92 European Cup and has watched his defensively minded son Sergio win the UEFA Champions League twice along with the 2010 World Cup and UEFA EURO 2012.

- In my opinion best defensive midfielder in game.
The Mkhitaryans
Hamlet Mkhitaryan made his name as a striker with local side FC Ararat, becoming the second-highest scorer in the 1984 Soviet Top League, but while he died aged 33 of a brain tumour, his children by his wife Marina Tashchyan – now head of the Football Federation of Armenia (HFF) national teams department – have kept up the family tradition: son Henrikh won four titles with FC Pyunik, three more at FC Shakhtar Donetsk, and now plays for Borussia Dortmund; daughter Monika works in the office of the UEFA President Michel Platini.

- Good playmaker or inside forward for top teams. Can score goals and pass.
The Klavans
Two generations of Klavan have represented Estonia at international level. Midfielder Dzintar Klavan made the first of his 19 appearances as a 31-year-old in February 1993, and his son – defender Ragnar – followed him into the game, starting with two of his father's old clubs, FC Flora Tallinn and JK Tulevik Viljandi. A Dutch Eredivisie winner with AZ Alkmaar in 2009, the 29-year-old is now Estonia captain and plays for FC Augsburg in Germany.

-Not that well known player but awesome central defender who is cheap. I recommend.
The Boatengs
Ghanaian international Robert Boateng used to play for Rosenborg BK; his older brother George lost his way after impressing in Hertha BSC Berlin's youth team, while another sibling, Prince, played in the third division for Füchse Berlin Reinickendorf. Prince had footballing sons by two different partners. Now at FC Schalke 04, midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng has football on both sides of his family line – his maternal grandfather's cousin was Helmut Rahn, who scored Germany's winner in the 1954 World Cup final. His half-brother and one-time Hertha team-mate Jérôme is a more reserved character and plays in defence for FC Bayern München and Germany.

- Not much to say. One of the best defenders. Lack of leadership in game.

- Good and strong playmaker. Could also play different roles in midfield.
The Hendersons
Charlton Athletic FC's Stephen Henderson is now the fifth goalkeeper in his family. Paddy Henderson began the family's story when he took up playing in goal in the 1960s, lifting an Irish Cup with Shamrock Rovers FC in 1961/62. His three sons – David, Stephen and Wayne – all played professionally, all as goalkeepers. David and Stephen spent the majority of their careers in Ireland's domestic league, while Wayne went to England and was capped six times before he was forced to retire, aged 29, with a back injury.

- Looks decent goalkeeper for lower league teams.
The Yilmazes
Striker Burak Yılmaz has become well known for his UEFA Champions League goalscoring at Galatasaray AŞ, but fans in Turkey know that his father is a major figure too. A goalkeeper for Beşiktaş JK and Antalyaspor, Fikret Yılmaz later became a coach and goalkeeping specialist.

- Good striker who is not that expensive. Shooting 17 catches my eye.
The Eremenkos
Both sons have been in the national team for 10 plus years and their father is a big figure in finnish football.Eremenkos moved to Finland when their father, former FC Dynamo Moscow and FC Spartak Moscow player Alexei Eremenko Sr. came to play in Finland with FF Jaro.

- Good advanced playmaker for top teams. Creativity and passing numbers are amazing.

- Older brother is not that good but he can be good backup player or for smaller teams nice playmaker.
Of course there might be more football families please share if you know some 
Thanks for viewing 

If Teams Didn't Sell:
Liverpool FC
Hi fellow FMHVibers,
Welcome to my version of 'If Teams Didn't Sell' and in my series I will mainly be focusing on English Teams but I will cover other nations
Liverpool FC
We all know Liverpool FC mainly because of their dominance of the Premier League in the 60s through to the 80s but more nowadays because of their famous 2005 UEFA Champions League victory over AC Milan being 3-0 down at HT and their 2nd place finishes in seasons 2008-09 and 2013-14. The players they had over the years have ranged from outstandingly brilliant (e.g. Alonso, Suarez, Torres) to goddamn shite (e.g. Voronin, Balotelli). But today I will be looking at their team if they didn't sell the players.
The Team

As the team sheet shows, if Liverpool didn't sell their world class players they could of had a title winning side and the Premier League drought would have ended. Even though their defense would now be quite an old part of the team, with their experience it would been very difficult to get through. With every team there has to be a strong midfield as the midfield is the main part of the team as they contribute with scoring goals as well as stopping opposition scoring and with this world-class midfield there would have been stability both attacking and defending. Players like Alonso and Mascherano would sit back while Gerrard and Coutinho would help with setting up and/or scoring chances. And the forwards in their prime were unstoppable so if Suarez and Torres linked together well like Suarez and Sturridge did in 2013-14, Liverpool would be the most fearsome team all round.
The Players
José Reina

The Spanish goal keeper was bought in the 2005-06 season from Villarreal just after Liverpool won the Champions League. He was at Liverpool for 8 seasons before being loaned out to Napoli for a season as they bought in Simon Mignolet from Sunderland. After he returned from being on loan, he was immediately sold to Bayern Munich.
Cost: £6.75M
Sold for: £2.3M
Álvaro Arbeloa

Álvaro Arbeloa was a product of the Real Madrid academy and in 2008-09 was bought twice in the season. He was bought first by Deportivo la Coruna for £900K and he played 20 games for them before being snapped up in January. He stayed at Liverpool for 2 seasons before being re-bought by Real Madrid.
Cost: £2.6M
Sold for: £3.5M
Daniel Agger

The Danish center back was bought from Brondby in January 2006. He was a loyal player as he was there for 9 seasons before being sold back to Brondby last season. He was made vice-captain in 2013-14 after Jamie Carragher retired.
Cost: £6.5M
Sold for: £3M
Martin Škrtel

The Slovakian defender was bought by Liverpool in January 2007 from Zenit St. Petersburg and is a very consistent defender for Liverpool being in their first team since he joined.
Cost: £6M
Sold for: Still at the club
John Arne Riise

The Norwegian left back was bought in the 2001-02 season from Monaco. He was at Liverpool for 7 seasons before being transferred to Roma, but during his time he was known for scoring some absolute crackers with his left foot. He was mainly deployed in the left midfielder role when he was in fact a left back.
Cost: £3.8M
Sold for: £4M
Javier Mascherano

The Argentine was included in a transfer embargo in 2006-07 as both he and Carlos Tevez was bought by West Ham United from Corinthians and was owned by third-party ownerships which in England is illegal but is legal in Brazil. West Ham United were fined £5.5M by the Premier League for the transfers and he ended up being loaned to Liverpool after Liverpool had clearance from FIFA. After a successful loan period, he was bought by Liverpool in 2007-08 and he stayed there until Barcelona bought him in 2010-11. During his time at Anfield he was known for the tackles that he made and he received 23 yellow cards, 2 dismissals via 2 yellows and 2 red cards during his 5 seasons.
Cost: loaned then £18.6M
Sold for: £22M
Steven Gerrard

The retired English midfielder came up through Liverpool's academy along with defender Jamie Carragher. Steven Gerrard nickname made up by Liverpool fans was 'Captain Fantastic' as he was a very consistent player and he had saved Liverpool's backside on many occasions including most notably the 2005 Champions League final where he scored Liverpool's first goal as they came back from 3-0 down at HT, the 2005 FA Cup final against West Ham United where he scored a cracker from 25 yards out to make Liverpool equalize and they won both games via penalty shootouts. He stayed at Liverpool for 17 seasons as is considered the great player ever not to win the Premier League crown and was regarded as one of the best mid-fielders in the world. In the 2013-14 season he didn't renew his contract and left at the end of that season for LA Galaxy.
Cost: Academy Player
Sold for: End of Contract
Xabi Alonso

The Spaniard was bought in 2004-05 from Real Sociedad and was a vital key in the Champions League team that beat AC Milan as he scored the 3rd and equalizing goal from a penalty rebound. Over the 5 seasons he was at Liverpool for, he was a fans favorite and was known for scoring outrageous long shots.
Cost: £11M
Sold for: £32M
Phillipe Coutinho

Nicknamed Little Magician or The Kid by Liverpool fans, he was originally a product of the Vasco da Gama before Inter Milan signed him in 2010-11 on a free transfer. He was at Inter Milan until January 2013 but in the 2011-12 he was loaned out to Spanish side Espanyol for the season after struggling to get into the Inter Milan side. He is widely regarded as a wonderkid and so far Liverpool have managed to keep him at the club.
Cost: £8.25M
Sold for: Still at the team
Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan forward might be considered as one of the best in the world but he has had some controversial incidents including biting Otman Bakkal from PSV while he was at Ajax, biting Branislav Ivanovic from Chelsea while he was at Liverpool and most famously biting Giorgio Chiellini from Italy in the 2014 World Cup playing for Uruguay. Also famously in the 2010 World Cup, Suarez hand balled a goal line clearance against Ghana and while he was escorted off the pitch, the subsequent penalty was missed by Asomoah Gyan and later Uruguay went on to win via penalty shootout,t herefore knocking Ghana out of the cup. Initially bought in January 2010 to partner Fernando Torres up front but before Suarez was bought, Torres was sold to Chelsea so Suarez had to play up front with another new signing Andy Carroll and then in 2012-13 Suarez' new partner came in the form of Daniel Sturridge and their new partnership nearly made Liverpool win the league a season later, finishing 2nd 2 points behind Manchester City, scoring 55 goals between them in all competitions.
Cost: £22.8M
Sold for: £75M
Fernando Torres

Before Suarez arrived in January 2011, the Spanish striker was Liverpool's go to man. Everything involved around him. He was signed from Atletico Madrid in 2007-08 after a pretty impressive record in Spain scoring 91 in 244 games in all competitions. He was a product of Madrid's academy playing 7 seasons in Spain before moving to England. While he was at Liverpool, he was mostly known for the goals that he had scored, but in 2010-11 he was subject to a £40M bid from Chelsea for his services which Liverpool quickly rejected so he put in a transfer request. He eventually moved to Chelsea but since he transferred there, he never lived up to the price they paid for him and he now plays for the team he started at Atletico Madrid following a two-year loan transfer from AC Milan.
Cost: £20M
Sold for: £50M
Most of Liverpool's best transfers were under manager Rafael Benitez but since he's left Liverpool have been some good players but mainly more mediocre now as they haven't been qualifying for the Champions League. Only Luis Suarez, Jordan Henderson, Phillipe Coutinho, Daniel Sturridge and Simon Mignolet have proved to be good signings.
Cost: £106.3M
Sold for: £191.8M
Profit/Loss: £85.5M
Wow!! When you look at the fact that Liverpool paid what the other clubs wanted for their players, they have recouped it all back plus more.
League code: 13017-4449
We have been running a Fantasy Premier League league for this website for many years. Last year we had over 100 participants in the league. If you think you can spare a few minutes making a team and joining our league then it is very fun and a great competition.
Feel free to post your teams or ask for advice here.
Good luck.
Cyprus League for FMH 2015  (Download)
Patch included:
- Protathlima A' Kategorias:
   - with all players
How to install:
You must make backup before installing Cyprus League!!!
1. Extract zip file
2. Paste folder: "walessolo" in the fmh2015_data/data/database and overwrite
3. Paste folders: "clubs" and "comp" in the fmh2015_data/data/logos_ipad
4. Run FMH 2015, and turn off Quick Start 
5. To start new game select only Wales!