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Everyone loves a good bargain in Football Manager Handheld Mobile. And looking for players with just one year left on their contract is a reliable way to get some bargains. Below is a 4-2-3-1 (2 DM) team of players who have less than a year left on their contract, and thus are more likely to be available for less than their market value.
Information is cited from http://www.transfermarkt.com/statistik/endendevertraege

Jeromino Rulli is actually at Deportivo Maldonado, who have extended the keeper's loan deal with Sociedad for another year. SI considers the Argentine to be fully owned by Sociedad though, which means his contract will run out in a year, as it was in 15. Of course Rulli is a great keeper who ends up at the world's top teams in most saves. As he is half Italian, he also needs no work permit.

Caner Erkin is a perfect LB for most European teams and a good squad player for the likes of Manchester United. He can also play on the wing as well. It shouldn't cost much to get him from Fenerbahce, who usually play in the Europa League.

Silvan Widmer is a clever right-back who uses his Positioning instead of just throwing himself into challenges. The Swiss has many seasons of football in him. It is interesting that the smart businessmen of Udinese have not signed a long contract with this defender, which means he could become the next big money player to leave Italy.

Eder Alvarez Balanta is everyone's favourite defender, and it so happens he could be a free agent after 30 June 2016. This makes him a no brainer for most, even if he has not gotten as much game time as his FM stats suggest.

Another popular defender, Nicolas N'Koulou remained at Marseille even after a summer full of chaos. The French side will be playing Europa though and there has been little desire to renew Nic's contract. The usual top sides have been informed.

Who? Though not necessarily popular, Tobias Strobl's non-flashy defensive style makes him a wonderful Anchor Man. Initially signed as cover in my Cagliari career, he worked his way into the first team with some wonderful performances (never going below a 7.58 average rating). IRL Strobl was a defender, rather than a midfielder for his club, but with Fabian Schar replacing him in 2015-16, Hoffenheim shouldn't be too fussed to sell him.

Like Strobl, Havard Nordtveit can also play in defense and midfield. Again he is underappreciated by his club. Despite their awful start, BMG are not rushing to renew the Norwegian's contract. Thus the former Arsenal youth, who would start in most midtable/Europa teams, could cost as little as 1 Million (his fee in FMH15).

The lesser known of the Ukraine twins, Andriy Yarmolenko should be the Konoplyanka of FMM16. Looking at his 15 stats, Yarmolenko would be a solid buy for most top teams. His club going far in the 2015 Europa League can only help. 

Clearly good enough to start for Southampton Tonny Trinidade de Vilhena stayed in Holland while his teammate Clasie joined the English club. Not just Southampton, many of the usual big names have been looking at the youngster's contract situation closely.

Serbia has a very promising generation of youth, and the youngest Partizan captain ever Andrija Zivkovic is key to that. The youngest notable player to have his contract expire in 2016, Zivkovic will sort out your attacking midfield for at least ten seasons. 

What? A Championship Player at striker? England international Charlie Austin chose not to move despite his club's relegation. However, this might be delaying the inevitable, as QPR were crushed 4-0 by Fulham recently to continue a weak start to their season. A homegrown player who can easily give you five 15-goal seasons, the Englishman will be a popular bargain in FMM16.
Honourable mentions
Solomon Kvirkvelia- EAB edges out this Rubin Kazan CB, who is both quick and strong. His absence in FMH15 costs him a place here, but judging by his FIFA 16 stats, the Georgian could be a powerhouse bargain. And he's just 23.
Marco Benassi- Italian could provide the DM positions valuable creativity. Misses out because Torino is naturally less reluctant to sell him for cheap, considering he's 21.
Romulo- Solid DM who plays like Benassi, however his form has faded over the past season.
Sofiane Feghouli- Often seen joining Arsenal in FMH15 Career Modes, Feghouli is unlucky to miss out due to Zivkovic's presence.
Andre Carrillo- The skilful Peruvian misses out again due to Zivkovic, even though he is fantastic IRL. Also, Sporting have a habit of ridiculous buyout clauses (40 Million for Bryan Ruiz) which can be a put off.
FMM2016 Management Style
Hey guys I want to go over what I think and speculate about what the new Management Styles feature could mean for the FMM/FMH series.

Above you'll see how its implemented on FM15 on PC. It works by you selecting a type of Coaching Badge and from that selection you can edit your own stats and decide where you are best Coaching, The same goes for your Past Playing Experience and again whatever you choose leaves you more leaway on your stats.
I dont think you'll be able to select your exact stats but hopefully this will at least give you an opportunity to make your save personal to yourself. How much this will change a save will depend on how much this will change the game and what else it brings.
That should mean you will be a 'Coach' along with the other coaches at your club just like FM15 again. I can definitely see alot of similarities with the PC version and its implemented very well on there and isnt overly time consuming either with is massive for this game really. 

Above is a screenshot of the training page from FM15 and as you can see you as the manager are included along with all the other staff so I think you as the manager will be included on FMM aswell hopefully alongside 3-4 other Coaches. Each Coach can be set to work on seperate areas which help contribute to a better star rating or if they arent great in that area, ie a Goalkeeping Coach wont be good at Attack Coaching, they will make that section worse so they all have to have a balance in that sense.
At the moment we dont have a selection for what past experience we have but I certainly hope we do on FMM as this will serve as a kind of difficulty setting which will be good for the series and again make each save more personal which I for one love. 
Cheers guys hope this helped explain what I think the new Manager Styles will look and feel like.
Aaron Cresswell - West Ham United
On the fringes of the Premier League team of the season last year and with a solid start to the new season, Aaron Cresswell is really pushing for an upgrade in FMM16. His attributes are disappointing to say the least and make him a prime candidate to upgrade in West Ham's first team though in reality he is one of the strongest players in the squad. Good in attack and defence the Englishman has been a brilliant player for the Hammers and looks to show no signs of slowing down and therefore warrants attributes that reflect this in the game.
Callum Wilson - AFC Bournemouth
Callum Wilson had a great Championship campaign which he scored 20 goals in 45 games. He has followed this up with a smashing start to the Premier League with 5 goals in 6 games. With just 15 shooting and 15 movement these do not represent a striker with so many goals in two competitive leagues. Given that rivals in the Championship have similar attributes but haven't possessed the results Wilson has, then he will get an update to reflect this.
Chris Smalling - Manchester United
Everyone was saying Chris Smalling was Manchester United's weak link last season but he proved the doubters wrong with some decent performances for the Manchester club. Probably one of the first names on the team sheet, Smalling doesn't have bad attributes at all, however his current ability doesn't reflect his stature at the club being only classed as "back up" at the start of the game. I imagine his profile will be raised a fair bit thanks to his regular starts over the past year.
Dele Alli - Tottenham Hotspur
Originally on loan at MK Dons in the game Dele Alli has started to now step up from League 1 to the Premier League. Initially he is a good youngster for the future but with game time under his belt in England's top division this should see him gain attributes all over the board. Tottenham are rating him very highly and are allowing him to show his worth, he is living up to this pressure well. This bodes well for a great upgrade for the young midfielder.
Hector Bellerin - Arsenal
An impressive emergence into the first team has seen Hector Bellerin become a consistent performer for Arsenal. Replacing Debuchy after his transfer then injury Bellerin proved his quality over the French wing back and with only dribbling and pace over 18 and a measly 10 for tackling he is sure to fire up with his new found fame in a Champions League side.
Jack Grealish - Aston Villa
The young Irishman managed to break his way into the Aston Villa squad last season and in doing so started to earn plaudits for his dribbling ability. At the start of the 2015/16 season Jack Grealish has featured in more games than it was originally thought he would and he played the full 90 minutes of the FA Cup Final. The underwhelming ability he possesses in FMH2015 will mean that the now 19 year old is in line for better attributes.
Jamie Vardy - Leicester City
Jamie Vardy made a bright start to the season after finishing with a flourish last season. His goals single handedly kept Leicester City in the Premier League and he is really starting to enjoy playing in the Premier League. For a player who has already scored 4 goals this season in 6 games 16 shooting is very low, and with only 11 for passing and 13 for dribbling it wouldn't be a surprise if all three of these go up a couple or more.
Joe Gomez - Liverpool
A big move from Charlton to Liverpool was bound to get him better attributes on FMM16. However with consistent and impressive performances under Brendan Rodgers; in which no one expected, the new signing will be a regular for most Premier League teams once the SI researchers give him his deserved attributes, and you better believe they won't hold back when upgrading him after the start he has had to the season.
John Stones - Everton
Chelsea don't go in with four offers for a player if he isn't worth chasing and John Stones has proved just this. Comfortable on and off the ball he is a clever young defender with plenty of ability already despite being just 21 years old. It will be shocking to hear though that the Everton player only has 15 in tackling and passing as well as a measly 14 in positioning. Given the high offers Chelsea put in for him and how well he is doing with Jagielka in the heart of Everton's defence then a 17/18 in tackling is merited.
Russell Martin - Norwich City
For a defender Martin has soared out of the blocks for Norwich City with 3 huge goals in their return to the Premier League. Add into that his good work defensively against vastly better players and the fact he has NO green attributes at the start of the game it makes for a player who is very worthy of having his attributes bumped up and extremely likely that it will happen. He has adjusted to life in the Premier League well and in FMM16 should be able to do the same as in FMH2015 he wouldn't be able to.
Five Legends You Must Make Coaches At Their Club
Football at it's heart is a romantic sport and with the inclusion of coaches on FMM 2016 I'm going to be looking at five players that you have to make coaches if you're managing "their" club. 
The idea of appointing coaches to keep your favourite players around that little bit longer is an exciting prospect but if you happen to manage any clubs mentioned here you'll have your hands tied as they have at least one player you'll have to bring in! It's up to you if you'll be a romantic and bring in a club legend to support your team but hopefully this article will convince you to please the fans. 
Steven Gerrard - Liverpool

Gerrard should have been a one club man but due to the mockery that is Liverpool Football Club the player dubbed captain fantastic has been swooped away to the MLS. However Gerrard's LFC journey shouldn't stop here as it's your duty as the manager of the club to bring Steven Gerrard back as soon as possible. Gerrard is a player with vast experience as he's played over 500 games for Liverpool including some high profile fixtures while also being a force at international level gaining over a century of caps. We're unsure how the coaches stats will work but Gerrard has shown great adaptability  in his career as he's mastered a number of positions within the midfield and his 20 leadership stat will ensure his players will follow his example. 
Raul - Real Madrid

Raul is another player currently in the MLS but unfortunately he didn't make the cut for 2015 which is a depressing thought. Whenever you think about the greatest strikers the world has ever seen Raul won't take long to come to mind. Raul wasn't a one club man like many on this list but these experiences will only benefit the striker as he'll have a greater understanding of different cultures and backgrounds as he would have experienced them himself. Having played over 550 games for Real Madrid and winning 18 titles during his playing career so far it's easy to see what Raul would bring to your back room team, just imagine this legend training your strikers! Raul must be brought back for FMM 2016, even if it's just for us to be able to sign him as a coach. Although the image above is from FMH 2014 you'd think his stats would transfer to management well as his leadership and teamwork are outstanding and he clearly has the wisdom and experience to teach the next wave of superstars. 
Francesco Totti - A.S. Roma

The second the name Roma is mentioned Francesco Totti comes to mind as he's not only the idol of the City but the ultimate one club man as he's regarded as one of Italy's best ever players and by some as the best player Roma has ever had! Totti is the clubs most capped player in history but his career in Rome has been unlucky as he's won 5 trophies but been runner up an incredible 16 times! To me this shows his passion for the club as he could have moved to a more fancied side which crossed the line more often but pulling on the clubs shirt was more important to him. This passion is what's needed in a coach as you'll know he'll be able to get your players hyped up for every occasion and his desire to succeed will only push your side on. Stat wise he's still looking amazing for his age but once again he has that perfect leadership stat which will ensure he'll improve your team. 
John Terry - Chelsea

Love him or hate him there is no disputing that Terry is an outstanding leader of men as his 20 leadership stat highlights. Most of his hated qualities are things not involving the pitch which is perfect for FMM as they'll be completely ignored which means if you bring Terry back to Chelsea you'll be getting a vastly experienced coach on board. Having played nearly 500 games for Chelsea including a number of finals Terry has that desire to win and improve which will only benefit your players and due his position on the pitch you know he'll be an organised leader that'll keep players in line, who wouldn't want Terry training their back line? Terry has won everything available to him within England excluding the Club World Championship while also winning multiple personal honours such as PFA player of the year. With the lack of his off field troubles in game Terry will make an excellent role model for your entire team. 
Xavi - Barcelona

Xavi was always going to make the list as he's one of the greatest central midfielders to ever grace us with his time on a football pitch. Unfortunately like Gerrard Xavi isn't a one club man as he'll be found at Al Sadd on FMM 2016 but you must bring him back when he's ready to hang up his boots. When you talk about experienced players none are more experienced than Xavi as Mr Barcelona has won everything within the game including the lot in Spain, the World Cup, European Championships and four Champions Leagues! If he's played in it he's won it! Xavi's leadership stat is lower than everyone else's on the list but he more than makes up for that as what he's achieved as a player will ensure your squad worships him and he has a lot to teach. 
That's it for my five coaches you have to keep at home, is there anyone I'm missing? Is there any player you desperately what to be a coach at a club you'll manage? If so make sure you leave a comment below. 
As always thank you for viewing.
8 Interesting Teams To Manage On FMM 2016
As SI announced the new instalment of the FMH series(Oops,it's FMM,my bad),many people would start to discuss about the game's new features,potential wonderkids and also --------  teams to manage.Today,I (Halamadrid) will be presenting you with 8 fun teams to start with.
Carpi FC

Founded in 1909 and re-founded in 2000,this team located in the modest town of Modena was promoted last season from Serie B after a surprise 1st-place finish,considering they were in the Lega Pro Seconda Divisione just a mere 5 years ago! They were the winners of Italy's Second Division after grabbing 80 points in 42 games,thus having a 9-point advantage over second-placed Frosinone.
The Aim: Survive In Serie A
Key Players: Zeljko Brkic,Luca Marrone,Wallace
AFC Bournemouth

This team which was founded 125 years ago,almost got relegated from the Football League during the 2008/09 season.But now,they're playing in the top division of English football,which is the Barclays Premier League.This is reckoned as a fairy tale achievement for the Cherries with a journey arguably similar with Carpi FC of Italy.
The Aim :Survive In The Premier League
Key Players: Artur Boruc,Callum Wilson,Max Gradel
Sevilla FC

Sevilla is known as one of the best teams in Spanish football after they'd won back-to-back UEFA Europa League titles during the last two seasons.By winning the Europa League,they've earned themselves a Champions League spot and a UEFA Super Cup showdown with Catalan giants Barcelona.So at the start of your first season,you'll have loads of competitions to take part in,very tough task.
The Aim: Excel in the SSC,UCL,USC,La Liga and Copa del Rey
Key Players: Fernando Llorente,Yehven Konoplyanka,Adil Rami
AC/Internazionale Milan

When you talk about fallen giants,these two are the best examples,given they had 38 Scudettos and 10 UCL titles under their belt,incredibly they didn't qualify for a single European competition this season!Your job is to bring back the glory to Milan,to the club and to the fans!
The Aim: Win Serie A,Qualify For An European competition
Key Players - AC Milan :Ricardo Montolivo,Carlos Bacca,Luiz Adriano                                      - Inter Milan :Mauro Icardi,Joao Miranda,Samir Handanovic
Nottingham Forest

Want to imitate legendary manager Brian Clough's feat of bringing The Red & White Army to success in Europe?Then,managing them is best for you as they haven't played in the Premier League for 17 seasons since 1999.
The Aim : Achieve Success In The Premier League & Europe
Key Players :Britt Assombalonga,Henri Lansbury,Dorus De Vries
Manchester United

Having spent big these two seasons,can Louis Van Gaal's men finally find success or will another setback hold them back once more?With the 36m(with potential add-ons)signing of rookie Anthony Martial,United have been criticised of not using their finance wisely.Can you prove the critics wrong by achieving success in the league and Europe?
The Aim :Win The League & Achieve Success In Europe
Key Players: Memphis Depay,Wayne Rooney,David De Gea
Real Oviedo

Formerly a familiar face in the LIGA BBVA,R.Oviedo are now currently plying their trade in the Spanish Segunda Division.During 2012,they were suffering from deep financial troubles and had to relied on the 2m by former academy products Michu,Santi Cazorla,Adrian & Juan Mata and the 2.5 m by the world's richest man,Carlos Slim.They had been in the La Liga 38 times,so your job is to bring them back to the top division,but it certainly proves to be a no easy task.
The Aim :Gain Promotion To The La Liga
Key Players :Toche,Miguel Linares,Borja Valle
I hope everyone can try these few teams out as they sure look like a lot of fun.
This is the end of this guide,thanks for reading.
Comments And Feedback Are Appreciated.
Till then,bye.
Halamadrid ®

Above is the official Sports Interactive description of the new tactical features in Football Manager Mobile 2016. Within this article I am going to break it down and attempt to see what this means and whether they are good or not.
"You can choose where your team concentrates its passing"
What is this?: I believe this is fairly simple to understand. In essence it determines where your team is most active. It should be split into 3 sections - left, right and middle. It instructs where the team passes to more often.
Example: If your team has some good attacking players on the right then you may want them to have the ball more and dictate play as that is where you will have the most joy.
Is this good?: I believe it is situational, it can be very good when you have a certain philosophy or when coming up against a team that has an obvious weakness. It may not be used other times but when you have a brilliant player and want to get the most out of him it can be helpful.
"Selecting your main attacking threat and creative outlet"
What is this?: The attacking threat could mean a target main in which would lead to your players aiming as many balls to him as possible or trying to get the ball to him quickly. The creative outlet is a playmaker, he will be passed to in order to dictate the play and play the ball long.
Example: You play direct passing with a strong forward up front and an AMC in a 4231 formation. You set the AMC as the playmaker who often picks out the wingers or the forward who play it off each other or have a shot.
Is this good?: While both are technically possible already if your main threat is not a forward then it could be good, it is also good when having two of the same position/player roles to show which is better. It is also useful for Deep Lying Midfielders to have more creative control such as Pirlo. It is very much an expansion of what can be done and can give more freedom and not just via player roles.
"Advise your Goalkeeper on Distribution"
What is this?: Telling your goalkeeper where to pass to. Distribution could mean both side or distance. My guess is it will be distance or side and the options may be, short, left, right, middle, mixed.
Example: When playing a short passing game from the back your goalkeeper can play it short so your defence distributes the ball more safely.
Is this good?: Like the passing direction I believe it is very much dependent on philosophy. I don't believe it is game changing but then I don't believe it is bad in any way. For short passing teams or teams with a player who can head the ball a lot better than the rest of the attack then it will be beneficial but I don't see myself or many others using it and noticing much difference.
Is there anything else?
To me the way it is worded makes it seem like there is more. I may be wrong but other additions that would be significant include man marking; in which is sometimes mentioned in the news section of the game, player runs and tempo
What can we expect from Coaches?
Firstly I'll say this should be a decent additional feature for FMM, Previously known as FMH. We've asked alot for this kind of feature including backroom staff and this will be a good start.
My hope is they stop here with it we don't need to be hiring physios and scouts etc… Coaches is fine though
This is where it will be make or break for me to be honest, will each club have its own coaches at the club already and how many would you be allowed, because if its only one then its pretty pointless in my opinion as it wont be any different than it is now really so it must have an option to have 3-4 coaches per club.
That would mean there would have to be another database worth of Coaches on the game which will surely slow this game down a tad with new menus and new personel which, I'm talking for us all here, could have been a new league easily if I'm honest.
How much will these Coaches cost for budgets will it be a case of the club sacrificing players to have better coaches or will the budget be seperate completely meaning say each club depending on rep would have a certain amount to play with.
Will the Club Facilities finally make a difference when it comes to hiring a new coach as surely a Coach would want to work at the best facilities around.
Positions are a MASSIVE part of a Management game/simulator so surely the Coaches will have specific positions to train like having a Goalkeeper Coach, Attacking Coach, Defensively Coach, Fitness Coach. If it is infact just general Coaches then it wont be nearly as immersive enough for sure, and be rendered pointless in my opinion.
How Other Games Have Dealt With Coaches
LMA Manager used to have Coaches involvef but these were fake ones had varying levels of quality and had a basic overall rating and thats all you could go by, This was a poor system that just wasted time really and something we do not want anywhere near FMH, AHEM FMM.
I'd love this feature to be what I imagine but i cant see this happening really and I'm hope I'm wrong but unless this is a fairly detailed feature that contains a shed load of Coaches and real coaches at that, and not a fake list of coaches that have different skill levels then it will be an incredibly poor decision to have it in.
The FMHVibe Summer 2015 Update is the most complete update available for Football Manager Handheld 2015. With a wealth of experience in creating updates this is the largest we have ever created and we are sure you will love it too. 
Around 3184 Changes including...
1676 Transfers/Loans/Releases
593 New Players/Managers/Clubs
438 Player Edits/Upgrades/Downgrades
381 Club/Competition/Nation Changes
173 New Graphics
71 Manager Changes
25 Retirements
How to Install:
The Database:
Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs
Place the database folder in: FMH2015_Data > Data
Select yes to overwrite
Disable Quick Start in Preferences > Starting Configuration
Start a new career with England as the primary league
The Graphics:
In your credits in-game see the title of Football Manager Handheld 2015 6.2.1 (???). The brackets correspond to which size you will need, note HVGA = SD, HDTV= HD.
Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs
Place the clubs and players folder in FMH2015_Data > Data > Logos_?
Select Yes to overwrite
The Database:
You can only install iOS by a PC/Mac or Linux computer due to the way the devices are made. There are NO direct installs onto a device.
Install the Save Editor on your PC or through Winebottler on Mac.
Extract the file using WinZip/7Zip or iZip so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs.
Select which match engine you want to load then the number on the save corresponds with the following leagues loaded:
England (primary), Germany, Italy, SpainEngland (primary), France, Holland, PortugalEngland (primary), Ireland, Scotland, WalesEngland (primary), Belgium, N. IrelandLoad one into the Save Editor then go to Manager > FMH Vibe and change the firstname/surname (note it can only be changed to the ones in the drop down menu).
Then go to Clubs > Find the club you want to manager > Edit > Swap the manager with "unemployed" then swap again with yourself.
Go on iTunes, then select your device. Go to apps and scroll down to "Sharing Area". Select FMH 2015 and drag and drop your modified save into right section with the files. Select yes to replace.
Load the save from the available save slots.
The Graphics:
In your credits in-game see the title of Football Manager Handheld 2015 6.2.1 (???). The brackets correspond to which size you will need, note HVGA = SD, HDTV= HD.
Extract the file using WinZip or ES File Explorer so you get the folder, the internet provides lots of good tips on how to convert from a .zip for a variety of programs
Go on iTunes, then select your device. Go to apps and scroll down to "Sharing Area". Select FMH 2015 and drag and drop your modified save into right section with the files. Select yes to replace.
The update is dated on 14/09/2015, any transfers or changes after this are not made.If you spot any errors, bugs or missing transfers please comment. Thanks.We can not do European Qualification spots so no Manchester United in the Champions League, if you know how on the database please let us know. Thanks.With thanks to Jaymarvels' Pre-EditorA huge thank you to everyone who bought a premium account and has enjoyed the updates so far
Searching for the next Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu or Kennedy Bakircioglu? 
20 Wonderkids (that's if they are) in FMM16 you will need to sign
Football Manager Mobile is not a game, it’s a lifestyle. It’s a full-time yet voluntary profession that rips hours out of your life, but it doesn’t matter because it offers a chance to every man, woman and child of leading their team to glory.
One key part of being successful is picking up a bargain hot prospects and nurturing them into title-winning machines. Wonderkids are the lifeblood of the game, now let’s see which of the top young talents in the world could be worth looking at on FMM 2016 if they made it on to the database
20. Daniele Rugani

Daniele Rugani is one of the top new talents in the masterful Italian art of defending. He was raised up through the Empoli youth system before landing a move to Juventus, though he has never played for the Turin giants, after spending two seasons back on loan with Empoli.
At just 20 years old, the centre back is now fully-owned by Juventus and is widely-tipped to be the replacement for the ageing Andrea Barzagli. Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid have all been linked, so this could be the last Football Manager where the rock-solid, tall defender is available without having to destroy your budget.
19. Jack Harper

While all eyes are on one Real Madrid starlet, their youth system is crammed with talent, including Jack Harper, a Spanish-born Scotsman. Both of his parents, and all of his extended family are Scottish, but he could qualify for Spanish citizenship, a duel which is underway.
Scottish U19s boss Ricky Sbragia didn’t call Harper up to the squad recently, with reports suggesting he wasn’t tall enough, despite already topping 6ft. The snub saw the Spanish national team come calling, asking about his availability. He could still be a couple of years away from a significant impact, but he could be an exciting pick-up on FMM2016.
18. Kristoffer Ajer

He would develop into a Premier League class midfielder, with the potential to become a Champions League-calibre star.
At 17, the Norwegian youngster is very much a project and will require time to develop, but at 6’5″, the imposing defensive midfielder offers a massively disruptive skill set for opposing attackers, while he can offer a dynamic threat going forward. Spurs and Liverpool are both closely tracking the Start wonderkid, but if he continues to improve, there’s no reason he can’t aim even higher
17. John Stones

It’s nigh-on impossible to maintain a homegrown team of champions in the Premier League, but for those managers keen to add a British core to their superstar lineup, John Stones is your man.
The 20-year-old defender is tipped to be a future England captain, and is coming along at exactly the right time with the patched up England defence lacking serious quality. Stones is already a commanding, solid presence for Everton and will no doubt make it to the top. Chelsea are weighing up a bid as John Terry approaches 35, so Stones may not be around for long. Expect to pay big money, but he’ll slot into almost any top team and flourish.
16. Luka Jovic

Luka Jovic is one of the youngest to feature on this list, but at the age of 17, he’s already notched up 7 goals in 22 games up front for Red Star Belgrade while the hotshot Serb has also netted 4 in 7 for his country’s under 19 team.
Arsenal have been strongly linked with a move, with a reasonable fee of around £3 million being touted. At that price, he could be well worth a bid, especially if you’re the type of manager who hoards young players from around the globe in the hope that they develop from very good players, to world class level.
15. Simone Scuffet

Behind every top team, there’s a top goalkeeper. Finding a young goalkeeper is very much a waiting game as they tend not to develop til later than outfield players, but Udinese’s Simone Scuffet could be one of the best bets to turn into a star.
He made his Serie A debut aged just 17, and Udinese have officially announced that they will sell their current Number 1, Orestis Karnezis, to make way for Scuffet, now aged 19. The young stopper has already turned down an offer from Atletico Madrid as he seeks to develop at his current club, but he could be tempted in the virtual world
14. Emanuel Mammana

The Argentine Primera Division is always a talent-rich hunting ground for football managers in the game. Highly-skilful, young players frequently appear for very decent prices, while their wages are rock-bottom. That’s the perfect mould for a young player to come in, and Emanuel Mammana could be the next off the production line of homegrown talent.
The 19-year-old centre back was called up to the full-Argentina squad before he’d even played a senior game for River Plate. He opposed the national side in a sparring team as a warm up, but impressed so much that he was called up to the top, a similar story to how Javier Mascherano started out. Arsenal and Juventus are circling, so get in quickly.
13. Andrija Zivkovic

Partizan have a remarkable record with producing legendary players both in the real world, and virtual. Andrija Zivkovic could be the latest to graduate, following in the recent footsteps of Stevan Jovetic, Matija Nastasic, Adem Ljajic, Lazar Markovic and Aleksander Mitrovic.
The small, creative midfield maestro is a top passer and can burst forward with the ball too making him a somewhat dual-threat. He was the youngest ever capped player for Serbia, and the youngest to ever wear the captain’s armband for Partizan. He’s only 18 now, but with 48 league games and 10 goals to his name, the future is bright. He should be a bargain upon release.
12. Nikola Ninkovic

While Zivkovic is rated highly, his teammate and partner-in-crime Nikola Ninkovic has been picked out as a star in the making by the club touting him as the next  Zinedine Zidane.
Even being mentioned in the same breath as Zidane should get people excited about Ninkovic, though his attitude has been called into question after racially abusing England’s Danny Rose during an international U23 game. If he can cool his temperament, he could be incredible.
11. Luciano Vietto

Even at the age of just 21, Luciano Vietto is an elder wonderkid. He’s already won many fans over with 20 goals in all competitions this season for Villarreal, and now he could be Manchester United-bound.
If Villarreal manage to cling onto him, then splashing the cash on the pacey forward may be a great move on FMM16, and even though he has already made an impact at club level, his stats will continue to improve for seasons to come.
10. Munir El Haddadi

Munir El Haddadi (otherwise known as Munir) is a tremendous talent, with lightening quick feet and a sharp burst of pace that can torment defenders. He’s a striker, winger, attacking midfielder; he’s the whole package.
Barcelona have already realised this, and snapped him up from Atletico Madrid four years ago, but the youngster is reportedly tired of the Barcelona B setup, with the deadly trio of Neymar, Suarez and Messi showing no signs of giving any other forwards a chance anytime soon. He’s been linked with Arsenal, but even if he goes there, Munir could be a sensational loan signing if a permanent deal looks impossible.
9. Aymeric Laporte

Aymeric Laporte is the only non-Spanish player at Athletic Bilbao, who are famed for their Basque-only signing policy. Laporte is only the second Frenchman to play for the club in their history, after Bixente Lizarazu, but qualifies for Bilbao’s strategy as he started out through a French-Basque academy before rising up through the Spanish side’s youth system.
The 21-year-old is an established member of the Bilbao team, but he could still be prised away by a top reputation club in both the real and virtual worlds, with a £36.5 million buyout clause in his new contract which runs until 2019. If he really does develop into one of the best centre backs in the world, that won’t seem like a steep price to pay in the future.
8. Domenico Berardi

Domenico Berardi has been a revelation for Sassuolo. The 20-year-old started his career there, bagging 11 league goals en route to securing their first ever promotion to Serie A in 2013, before he moved to Juventus.
He was immediately loaned back to Sassuolo for two seasons and continued his rich form, with 31 goals in 61 games for the newbies, remarkably keeping them in the top flight. At just 18 years old, he hit all four goals past AC Milan in a 4-3 victory, and in May 2015, he smashed a hat-trick past the fallen Milanese giants. He’s a huge prospect, and with 10 league assists to his name in Serie A during the last campaign, he could be a superstar in your FMM team.
7. Ezequiel Ponce

Ezequiel Ponce has recently turned 18, and has already won himself a big move to Roma, with the youngster set to land in Italy in December 2015. Obviously this means you won’t be able to sign him straight away, but he could be a tremendous loan signing, or a fantastic wonderkid by the end of the first season.
He’s drawn comparisons to Gabriel Batistuta by those who have seen him play regularly, and with Ponce readily available in Europe come FMM2016, the standard work permit issue is far less problematic. He comes with pace, power, strength and a keen eye for goal, meaning that he could be a fantastic loan swoop for a mid-table Premier League side to begin with, before taking on the world.
6. Lee Seung Woo

The Barcelona youth setup at La Masia is stunning, and responsible for a vast array of title-winning stars, including Lionel Messi, arguably the greatest player of all-time. Therefore, it’s a good bet that if you picked any player out of their Barcelona B team, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up with somebody talented.
Lee Seung Woo could be the next big thing, with some labelling the 17-year-old as the Korean Messi.
5. Gabriel Barbosa

Neymar is still only 22-years-old, but his former club Santos feel like they’ve already unearthed the next Brazilian prodigy, with Gabriel Barbosa stealing the headlines in his home country.
Barbosa racked up 21 goals during the 2014 campaign, and has now turned 18. It’s unlikely he’ll be going anywhere soon in the real world, with Neymar hanging around long enough to grow before taking on Europe, though Real Madrid, AC Milan, and many more suitors are all keen to snap him up. He could be going for a relatively low price on FMM2016, but it might be wise to pick him up as soon as possible to avoid his career taking off before you get your hands on him.
4. Youri Tielemans

Anderlecht are another team famed for producing sensational talent, and this is mirrored in the virtual world through Romelu Lukaku, Olivier Deschacht, and Anthony Vanden Borre, each supremely talented in the game, but with varying real-world success. Which side of the line will Youri Tielemans fall?
He is the youngest ever player to feature in the Champions League at the age of 16 and 148 days, and made 64 league appearances for the first team before his 18th birthday. His skills have drawn comparisons to Frank Lampard, capable of sitting deeper, but excellent at driving forward. He’s a box-to-box midfielder with a huge future.
3. Richairo Zivkovic

Richairo Zivkovic was a FMH15 sensation, and there’s every reason to believe he will be again on the new game. He bagged 11 Eredivisie goals as a 17-year-old for FC Groningen, and 18 in 25 games for Jong Ajax (the Ajax youth team) who play in the second tier.
He’s obviously got goalscoring potential, and in FMH2015, he developed into an utterly sensational striker, with pace to burn and a lethal finish among many, many other top attributes. His character has been questioned after a frustrated kick at an opponent during a heavy defeat, causing Frank De Boer to be reluctant to give the 18-year-old a long spell in the first team. But this shouldn’t take away from his potential.
2. Oliver Torres

Oliver Torres is one of the hottest properties in Europe, with the deep-lying midfielder currently wowing the crowds at Porto while on loan from Atletico Madrid. But Barcelona have been linked with the 20-year-old tipped to be the eventual replacement for Xavi in years to come.
Whether that happens remains unclear, though he’s certainly impressed on a domestic and European level already, being part of the Porto side that beat Bayern Munich 3-1. He will return to Atletico like a different player, a mature, experienced young man, and while he’s small in stature, he’s huge on talent. This could be your last chance to pick him up cheap if Diego Simeone feels he’s ready for a spell in the Madrid first team.
1. Martin Ødegaard

Arguably the most talked about young player in the world, Martin Ødegaard, will undoubtedly be one of the trickiest to permanently pluck from any club on FMM2016. Not only is he deep in the clutches of Real Madrid, but he’s reportedly earning around £80,000-a-WEEK as a 16-year-old.
However, if the in-game Real Madrid are willing to lower their wage expectations, Ødegaard could be a phenomenal loan signing, with the Norwegian starlet touted for a possible temporary move elsewhere in La Liga. If he isn’t already on loan at the start of the game, Ødegaard will be a must-sign for lower Premier League teams, but if you can’t snare him the first time around, he’s still going to have about four seasons of being a ‘youngster’ so there will be opportunities.
Of course, this list can be rearranged into any order, and countless other names could be added.
So who do you think will be the wonderkids on FMM16?
Release Date: 
Expected Mid November to Mid December
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