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  1. Saul added a post in a topic The Staff Team   

    Bumping for needed updated info... plus I still you guys!

    Plus I need to post so I can view OT...
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    Hey mate
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  3. Saul added a post in a topic Well, Im Back   

    Must be the old Vibe then I remember you from.
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  4. Saul added a post in a topic Hey guys   

    Hey Conor

    Why not think about showing off some of your creations HERE?
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  5. Saul added a post in a topic Well, Im Back   


    Remember you from Neo... I think, maybe FM10 forums?

    Or am I imagining things?
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    Maybe make it a forumwide announcement for the first day or two Dec?
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    Look forward to seeing you around the forum.
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    Don't go changing the tags from simple to not so simple then use making something simple as an excuse.
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    The Staff Team

    Hey, I am Dec and I am the owner of FMHVibe (you can ooh). Anyway not only have I invested time into this place I have invested a lot of money too so I hope you enjoy the site.

    I'm 19 and currently planning University next year but also I am a major football and ice hockey lover with my teams Chelsea and Boston Bruins/Nottingham Panthers.
    Like everyone else on this forum I am a great lover of FMH and do everything from the update to logos, but also I have quite a good friendship with Marc Vaughan who creates FMH (mainly FMHi).
    I love media and that is the area I want to go into when I have finished Uni but also I am known for my musical knowledge of rock and indie rock and this means I go to gigs often. My main area is graphics design though I can code a bit too.
    I am a massive Batman fan with my favourite villains, The Scarecrow, Harley Quinn and The Joker and you will see me talking about Batman and the games regularly but remember – “why so serious?”.

    Oh and the last thing (I am sure you are thinking Thank God!), I am English and currently based in England but have a brief understanding of the German language as I got a GCSE in German at school, though I am not very book smart I do love a good intellectual debate.

    If you have any questions about the site or need help then I am the person to ask as the owner .



    Hey, my name is Ashley but I normally answer to Ashez or just Ash around the site. I've been playing FMH on the PSP since the first game all those years ago, back then I used to hang around the Neoseeker forums and found my way to Vibe whilst looking for the transfer updates. After a while I joined the site and attempted to make a name for myself since I wanted to give something back to the community.

    On Vibe you'll normally see me hanging around in the careers section since I love setting myself challenges and pushing myself to the limit, I've recently dominated the 1000 goal challenge many times while the only challenge to keep defeating me is the unemployed one. You will also see me In the Iscout forum since I love sharing the gems I find, this love has also led to me running a monthly competition in this section.

    Away from Vibe I'm just your average 21 year old lad who enjoys the simple life. Most of my free time is spent between my girl friend of over three years and my little brother Alfie who's my best friend.

    I'm passionate about a few things in life, with the main two being Liverpool Football Club and Batman. I grew up not into football much since my parents weren't interested in it but since the age of around 10 I've been madly obsessed with the game and LFC. I've been crazy about Batman for as long as I can remember, as a kid I used to watch the animated series religiously while I was also a fan of the camp Adam West Dark Knight. In recent years Christopher Nolan and Rocksteady have brought Batman into the 21st century and this has got me even more involved as I'm now a reader of the graphic novels with my current favourite being The Long Halloween.

    Anyway that's enough about me for now but please feel free to PM me if you'd wish to have a chat or get to know me better .


    Hi, I'm Sam- I'm 17 years old and currently at sixth form. The first FMH I got was FMH2008 for the PSP, and since then I have went on to get every one of them, 2012 is the first year I have played it on the iOS devices too.

    Like everyone here I do like football and have supported Sunderland since 6/7 years old, and have held a season ticket at the Stadium of Light for 7 consecutive seasons now (soon to be 8). If you need help or just want a general chat, don't hesitate to drop me a PM
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