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  1. Transfer budget

    I thought maybe a different game engine may alter the game in terms of finances as well. It was just a suggestion.
  2. Transfer budget

    I'm Manchester United and went from £30m in the first season to £82m in the second. Could your game engine affect it maybe? Are you on the EME or OME? 
  3. Transfer budget

      What is your club's financial status at? After increasing mine from Okay to Rich, I got a massively boosted transfer budget. But relying on wonderkids isn't too bad. If you can get great players cheaply and develop them into great players then you will have saved money by not investing into more expensive players
  4. Finding evogens

    Look for matching nationalities and positions. I'm not sure if this still applies to FMM16 but the mental stats of an evogen would be very similar to the original player so you can look for similar mental stats to separate different evogens from each other
  5. Player Discussion Thread

    Going from 8 goals in the league to 44, looks like he did a Harry Kane! Good find, nonetheless. How much was he valued at at the start of the season?
  6. FMM2016 Funnies

    But the potential should still be represented by a high star rating. I believe the last one is Andrea Pirlo's regen so he should have 180+ potential if I remember correctly.
  7. FMM2016 Funnies

    Who do I trust? What is real? I don't know if I can go on any more... This is just stupid. Why can't they just match up?  
  8. Football Manager Mobile 2016 Ultimate Team

    @HashtagTatica Actually I don't think I'll be able to keep up with this. Regularly checking and the like. I mean, keep me in for now but don't prioritise me if there is a limit to the number of people.
  9. The Dictator Take-Over

    Taking Europe? I mean, referencing Hitler is a bit iffy
  10. Football Manager Mobile 2016 Ultimate Team

    The entry forms are below: Club Name: Matt's Maestros Team To Replace: Manchester United Club Colour (Home/Away): Red/Black
  11. Player Discussion Thread

    He would probably come up with Brazil only. I'll test it in a bit and report back  
  12. Player Discussion Thread

    I brought him in on loan in the second season as I, once again, failed to bring in a proper Wing Back on the left side and Luke Shaw does get injured quite often, unfortunately. He's an incredible player. I'll post mine in here once I manage to get a screenshot
  13. Player Discussion Thread

    I'm currently retraining Shaw to be a midfielder and will eventually do so so he can be an attacking midfielder. Or I could sell him off for ridiculous money  His mental stats are crazy. How does his leadership get that high?!
  14. Player Discussion Thread

    I've signed him up as a backup to Luke Shaw - on your recommendation. Out of interest, how does Shaw compare?
  15. How to find Evogens

    Do evogens come into the game at clubs of their nationality or in the league their original last played in? Or is it completely random in where they come into the game?