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  1. Nath added a post in a topic The Blog Style - FMH 2015   

    This looks interesting!
  2. Nath added a post in a topic FMH 2016 - Well not FMH anymore...   

    Looking at this from SI's point of view.. they focus 70% of their time to new features on FM which is acceptable it's there main title and will recoup a lot of the dev money if not all of it and then some..
    20% went towards fmc or fmt as its new they want it to do well and spending £7+ on a mobile game makes people think twice anyway so you have to be getting value for money.. in my opinion I do believe they want this to replace FMH as the main mobile FM game..
    10% goes towards FMM or FMH due to limitations on the devices they don't seem to be able to add many new features besides new ones that have never been seen on this game before.. they have innovated just in smaller steps due to limitations on devices and theydont want people missing out on new features that would make or break this game due to the different phones etc
    *this is all my own opinion*
  3. Nath added a post in a topic FMH 2016 - Well not FMH anymore...   

    How can we be mad? Fmh has always been the side project to FM.. end of the day we are second priority to FM due to the fact that game WILL make them more money
  4. Nath added a post in a topic If FMM released at midnight would you buy it?   

    Of course I'm going to buy it.. we all shout and make a fuss about new leagues but really we just want the players from those leagues most of the time.. I for one stick to the main leagues (England, Spain, Germany etc) so am not really bothered about no new leagues (MLS would've been nice same as Russia) but I wouldn't say I'm not going to buy the game just because of this.. the new features I've seen I like.. granted we may have been testers for the "main game" regarding my club but in software development you have to start small before rolling out to the wider world they wanted to make sure it works before letting the "main game" have its turn.. I for one don't like my club anyway as it ruins the experience for me.. besides FMM 16 has so many challenges already.. FC Utd of Manchester to world champs for example why would I want to miss out on that.. without having to edit the game or wait for them to get promoted.. 
  5. Nath added a post in a topic FMH2016 Feature Wishlist   

    More options with loans.. such as loan to buy.. loan for two seasons would be a decent addition, similar adjustments to transfers such as buy back clauses but not all of the clauses from the PC edition.. being able to schedule your own friendlies.. better scouts.. Player roles such as Anchor man would be decent.. More leagues maybe I'd want MLS above all others though tbh.
    The ability to play with more than four nations.. which you may say is impossible but if you think about it.. say you pick England (all), Spain, Germany, Italy as your nations thats 10 leagues, 11 domestic cup competitions and 4 continental competitions.. if you had the option to deactivate the Championship, Leagues one and two and the conference leagues, you would also deactivate the JPT and FA Trophy which frees up space for another 6 leagues and 2 cup competitions.. so you could in theory load England, Italy, Germany, Spain, Holland and Brazil but you would only be able to play in the top divisions of said countries but in their cup competitions and continental competitions! Which I think is a good idea if I explained it well..
  6. Nath added a post in a topic My Football Manager Handheld XI   

    I remember Mattock! He and Joe Bennett were the only English left back options in my opinion!
    He also had a loan spell at Sheffield United IRL before moving to Wednesday.
  7. Nath added a post in a topic Saving Oriental - A Bankruptcy Challenge   

    Excellent last season! Some good signings and good luck for this season, have you looked into loan signings? They are the cheapest way to get good players for your team 
  8. Nath added a post in a topic What Club Could You Manage   

    Newcastle United
    2014/15 League Finish: 15th
    Key Players: Cabella, Sissoko, Ayoze
    New Signings: Wijnaldum, Mitrovic (Medical.. practically done deal)
    Difficulty: Newcastle are on of the classic Premier league teams and only a few years ago were in Europe.. the current team is solid in midfield and exciting upfront especially with Ayoze potentially linking up with Mitrovic and Wijnaldum.. Newcastle have a young exciting team.. except in defence.. where you'll need to improve using a modest budget. 5/10
  9. Nath added a post in a topic The New Man City Mistro!   

    Manchester City just don't have the appeal of other teams so therefore have to overpay on wages and fees etc, Some good options though and it would be interesting to see which one City signed and how they would fit in to the 4-4-2 system Pellegrini wants to play.
  10. Nath added a post in a topic Danovic78 presents....Much Adu About Nothing...   

    Great going so far!
  11. Nath added a post in a topic Ashez & MM96 Attempt to Sell Them Slowly: A H2H   

    I vote Montoya as decent full backs are hard to find
  12. Nath added a post in a topic Loosing the lead, pls help   

    Once you go into a lead do you change your tactics in any way?
  13. Nath added a post in a topic Ashez & MM96 Attempt to Sell Them Slowly: A H2H   

    Alba.. hard to find decent full backs on any game!
  14. Nath added a post in a topic Cádiz CF [Spanish players only]   

    Cheers mate! That's a great transfer budget!! Some trophies next season maybe?
  15. Nath added a post in a topic Cádiz CF [Spanish players only]   

    C'mon dude your doing great! Let's see some wins at the Nou Camp and Bernabeau now!
    Can I ask, how are Real Union doing in your save?