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    • Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0   06/29/2015

      Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0 We have been planning a site upgrade for a while now and we are delighted to finally be able to release it. We are confident you will find the site easier to navigate and more friendly for your posting needs. Now we are sure you will be eager to get started but first we want to introduce you to the new features and give you some insight in order to make your transition to the new site a lot smoother. We've been working very hard on this for you - the community, and with this upgrade there will be ongoing refinements    Levelling Up: Now you will be able to level up by contributing. Using a complex algorithm all areas of your contributions are monitored and will give you a special rank based off of that. Each rank has its own colour in order for you to show yours off.   Personalisation: With our new look profile there are less fields in order to give it a cleaner look and by doing this we've granted an ability for visualisation. Are you a Chelsea fan? Show their badge off with pride on your profile! We urge you to update your profile as soon as possible to get in line with this.   Mobile Responsiveness: One of our weakest areas was our mobile site and we listened to you. A large focus has been making the mobile site as usable as the main site. Now all the features of the main site are on the mobile site. Updating your career or posting a new guide hasn't been easier with no BB Code but instead formatting icons and in-line attachments.   Create button: Dying to post that question? Don't want to navigate to the correct section? Now you can create from anywhere with one click of a button!   @ing a member: Now you can tag in a member with a post by simply putting an @ in front of their name and selecting on them from the drop down.   New Design: A cleaner and more concise design for your browsing experience. With a new navigation bar in order to help you reach the most popular sections and guides quickly we had your speed when navigating in mind when designing the site. Another feature is an always pinned first post so no matter which page you are on you can see what the topic is about. This can be hidden and shown at will and means that you don't have to go all the way back to the first page to read the original post; saving you time.   New Emojis: We have a new set of custom designed Emojis to express your feelings with. Try them out now!   Recommendations: We want you to have the best time on the site as possible. For you to do that we recommend you: Update your profile including your cover photoUpvote as much as possible. If you like something whether it be a topic, guide, download or post then upvote it! They count for more now and we want to encourage you to participate. Remember to drop a comment to saying why you upvoted the comment.Have fun. We designed this site for you, so have fun with it.If you spot a bug, dislike something or have a question please ask and post. If you don't we cannot respond to it. For any questions or queries please direct them here.   We hope you like FMHVibe 3.0 FMHVibe Staff






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